Our Electrical Promise

24/7 Electric LLC provides not only qualified quality work, we respond to every call quickly and efficently.  Tired of waiting in a four hour window for the technician to arrive at the very end? Our electricians will give an exact time and be there promptly.  No sense in waiting hours and wasting an entire afternoon, we are on your time not ours. 

Our Electrical Standard

Ever been bamboozled at the end of a project when you are handed a bill and find you owe lots more than estimated?  Did you find that they were doing a lot of standing around and taking long lunch breaks?  No tricks or fees here at 24/7 Electric LLC.  We only offer up front pricing.  We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the job.  The price we say in the beginning is what you pay, no matter what!  If there are problems or troubles, you have no need for worry, you will never be charged more than what you were quoted.